Saint Petersburg, # К 321 ОЕ 198 — KamAZ-5325-G5
Saint Petersburg, KamAZ-5325-G5 # К 321 ОЕ 198
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Author: Беляев Данил · Nenets autonomous okrug           Date: saturday, February 10, 2024

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Published: 11.02.2024 19:45 MSK
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Saint Petersburg, KamAZ-5325-G5 # К 321 ОЕ 198
Depot:The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Saint-Petersburg
Base chassis:KamAZ-5325-G5
Body:AG-20(5325)-018V-ChS [663802] [X89-FG0]
Reg. #:К 321 ОЕ 198
Chassis Serial Number:2542311
Body Serial Number:2
Function:Firefighter equippments
 Gas and smoke protection vehicles
Current state: Operating 
Кабина 532500L0031371

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Artist Name:Danil Belyaev
Copyright Information:[email protected]
Date and Time:10.02.2024 20:55
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