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Latvia. Latvian National Armed Forces
Национальные вооружённые силы Латвийской республики

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# Reg. # Chassi Body Built Since... Remarks
LA-1552 Volvo (common model) Unknown model 1964
LA-2036 Scania (II) P93M
LA-2062 Scania (II) P93M
LA-2306 Mercedes-Benz SK Unknown model
LA-2307 Mercedes-Benz SK
LA-2308 Mercedes-Benz SK
LA-2314 Mercedes-Benz SK
LA-2521 Scania (I) (common model)
LA-2637 Scania (II) R112H
LA-3217 Scania (II) P93M
LA-3218 Scania (II) P93M
LA-3247 Scania (II) P93M
LA-3267 Scania (II) P93M
LA-3299 Scania (II) P93M
LA-3334 Scania (II) P93M
LA-4059 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5000 2013
LA-4060 Mercedes-Benz Unimog U5000
NM-9125 Mercedes-Benz Actros ('2011) Actros 2651
VS-1554 Saurer 2DM 10.2015
35 LA-4159 Mercedes-Benz Arocs

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